Remote Assistance

  • I can reach you by sending you to this website via your browser. I'll talk you through over the phone.
  • If your browser(s) are corrupted and you can still access your email via a third party program or , say, Outlook, I can reach you that way. Once again, I'll talk you through over the phone.
  • I can take over your desktop, clean up your system, download and scan your system for viruses or malware, and clean them out as well.
  • I can also log on and instruct you on, pretty much, anything you've been trying to figure out how to do.
  • I'm not limited to talking you through on the phone. I can also talk to you via a microphone if you have one. We can also text back and forth during the session.
  • I'll leave no trace of ever having been there once we're through. It isn't a permanent connection.
  • I've helped many satisfied clients this way. All I have to do is set up a session on my end and invite you into it.

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